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The “QUEENS TRIBUNE” Newspaper Endorses Marquez Claxton for City Council

Queens Tribune Endorsements
Last week we endorsed in many of the races voters will see on the ballot next Tuesday, September 15. This week, we complete the task and summarize all of our Democratic Primary Endorsements at the end.

Borough President
While fresh ideas would be welcome at Boro Hall – and Marc Leavitt has wonderful ideas and offers attractive concepts – he has not convinced us that government operations and the multiplicity of issues are his strengths.

Helen Marshall has been a hard working and dedicated public servant for years, serving as Borough President for the last eight. Her heart and intentions cannot be doubted. She has a grasp on the issues that affect the lives of the people of Queens, and an effective working knowledge and network with the people who run the City. We prefer her.
The Queens Tribune endorses Helen Marshall in the Democratic Primary.

21st District
Julissa Ferreras and Eduardo Giraldo were two of four candidates vying for this seat in a special election in February – Julissa won it handily. In her short time in office she has come through one budget without scars, but also without standing out from the crowd.

While we think that this district is one that is likely well represented, we are waiting to see this young woman turn into a star at City Hall. We think she should have the opportunity to go back and take on a full term to prove her value to the community. The Queens Tribune endorses Julissa Ferreras in the Democratic Primary.

23rd District
With Swaranjit Singh representing the changing face of the community, and Bob Friedrich showing his understanding of government and his ability to represent Glen Oaks Village, we feel we must lean toward Assemblyman Mark Weprin in the race to replace David Weprin, who is not seeking a third term.

Mark has dealt with the most difficult of leadership, and still managed to get bills passed in Albany – that shows the type of strength needed to work for his district – and the City – within the City Council. The QUEENS TRIBUNE endorses Mark Weprin in the Democratic Primary.

26th District
Three solid candidates, one seat is the story of the Primary in the 26th District. Community activist Jimmy Van Bramer, Democratic District Leader Deidre Feerick and Corporate Attorney Brent O’Leary have each convinced us that they could more than adequately do the job and represent the diverse population of this Queens district.

Van Bramer is experienced, Feerick knowledgeable and O’Leary independent – and each offers a slightly different attribute. We’d like them all on the City Council and know that the people of the district will be well-served no matter who wins. Pick one.

27th District
Clyde Vanel is an honorable man of the district who is leading a good campaign against the two-term incumbent Leroy Comrie – who voted to overturn the will of the people by selfishly extending term limits. Though that does weigh against him, his tireless work for his district and the extended personal relationship he and his family have with our newspaper – he is a friend – makes him our choice; but we will be watching for Mr. Vanel to knock our socks off four years from now. The Queens Tribune endorses Leroy Comrie in the Democratic Primary.

28th District
A disgraced councilman, a school board member, a person who allegedly threw a punch at the Board of Elections and a charming newcomer who ran a good district leader race last year have all squared off to challenge Tom White.

Allan Jennings, Stephen Jones, Ruben Wills and Lynn Nunez each bring a different facet to this complicated race, but the truth is that Tom White has done an admirable job for the people of his district. Clearly, there is discontent among his rivals, some directed at him, some with less direction. Tom needs to take a hint from those who voice their complaints, and strive to be more responsive. We have seen him improve from his last time in office, and expect that he will learn from this race that there are some in his district who question his dedication and ability. We think he has what it takes, and offer our voice in support of him returning to office and continuing to improve. The Queens Tribune endorses Tom White in the Democratic Primary.

31st District
Michael Duncan, Jacques Leandre, Marquez Claxton and Fred Lewis are all challenging James Sanders, who is seeking a third term in the City Council. Duncan is Sanders’ former chief of staff, Lewis is a long-time political insider and Leandre and Claxton are community organizers. The latter two of them are both very impressive, and we find it a shame that the four of them are running against one another rather than with each other to allow one of them to win. Strategically, it does not bode well for any of them.

Of the four challengers and the incumbent, we feel “Mark” Claxton has his heart in the right place – within the communities that make up the widespread 31st District. The Queens Tribune endorses Marquez “Mark” Claxton in the Democratic Primary.

The Democratic Primary Queens Tribune endorsement list:
Mayor: Bill Thomson preferred
Public Adovcate: Eric Gioia
Comptroller: John Liu
19th Council District: Kevin Kim
20thCouncil District: James Wu
21st council District Julissa Ferreras
23rd Council District: Mark Weprin
25th Council District Danny Dromm
26th Council District: Pick one
27th Council District: Leroy Comrie
28th Council District: Tom White
29th Council District: Karen Koslowitz
31st Council district: Marquez Claxton

Please remember to vote on Tuesday, Sept. 15.


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