Posted by: vote4claxton | July 30, 2009



It’s My Turn

What the Billionaire Can’t Buy
By Marquez Claxton Candidate For City Council 31st Councilmanic District

In the race for the City Council seat in the 31st District Mayor Michael Bloomberg has placed his money on the incumbent, James Sanders Jr.

A review of the recent New York City Campaign Finance Board candidate contribution list reveals that the republican billionaire has invested $2,750 on the James Sanders Jr. stock. He is playing the market with councilman Sanders…buy low and sell high. This investment is more like insider trading than fair trading.

Republican Mayor Bloomberg also held a fundraiser at his exclusive townhouse for the ‘alleged’ Democratic City Councilman.

What resulted was an infusion of money from the billionaire’s buddies and business associates to the coffers of James Sanders Jr.

These political season transactions provide insight into the impetus for Councilman Sanders ignoring the will of the constituents and reversing term limits so that he and his financier, Mayor Bloomberg can further their agendas. Remember, Councilman Sanders was the only council-member to vote to overturn term limits AND abstain on voting to make term limits revision a public referendum item.

Not only did he disregard the will and vote of his constituents, he also ensured that their voice would remain silent…until he gets another four years of face time with his friend the Republican Mayor.

Councilman Sanders is not merely flirting with his Republican financier, he has been dancing arm in arm with him hoping to be invited to the V.I.P. section while the constituents are left outside of the velvet rope. We need to pull the plug on the music.

We must learn from what has occurred in the New York State Senate. We have seen what happens when political attraction leads to romance and ultimately infidelity.

We know what happens when elephants and donkeys make self-serving backroom deals…at the behest of billionaires.

We have experienced the paralysis of government when politicians make the decision to cross over.

Be wary of the Democrat in name, Republican at heart. There must be truth in advertising. The record of Councilman James Sanders Jr. is clear.

Eliminate term limits-YES, Increase property taxes-YES, Congestion pricing YES. James Sanders Jr. is attempting to play both ends against the middle.

The Republican billionaire Mayor and the ‘Democrats’ whose ambitions are financed by him must be reminded of the value and importance of constituent loyalty.

Those who violate the trust, confidence, informed desires or the vote of the constituents are not deserving of elected office.


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