Posted by: vote4claxton | July 24, 2009



The New York Community Council 217 N 7th Street, Brooklyn NY 11211

Contact Philip DePaolo: 347-200-2353


The New York City Community Council endorses Pete Gleason for Council District 1 The New York Community Council, an organization made up of activists from around the City, announced its endorsement decisions in New York City Council races, as well as the race for Mayor, Public Advocate, Controller, District Attorney and Borough President Contests. The vote was based on voting for candidates committed to the ideals, and principles of The New York Community Council. The New York Community Council will not be endorsing any candidate running for a third term. Any seat with “None” next to it means no candidate received the required number of votes, or a third termer was running unopposed. The full list of 2009 endorsements made by the New York Community Council is as follows: Mayor- Tony Avella Public Advocate- Norman Siegel Controller- John Liu Manhattan District Attorney- Richard Aborn Brooklyn District Attorney- Charles Hynes Manhattan Borough President- None – Incumbent – Scott Stringer Brooklyn Borough President- Eugene Myrick – Incumbent – Marty Markowitz Queens Borough President- None – Incumbent – Helen Marshall Bronx Borough president-None – Incumbent – Ruben Diaz, Jr. Staten Island Borough President- None – Incumbent – James Molinaro City Council Endorsement – Incumbent (M)District 1- Peter Gleason – Alan Gerson (M)District 2- Rosie Mendez – Rosie Mendez (M)District 3- Yetta Kurland – Christine Quinn (M)District 4- Daniel R. Garodnick – Daniel R.Garodnick (M)District 5- Jessica S. Lappin – Jessica S. Lappin (M)District 6- None – Gale Brewer (M)District 7- Monique Washington – Robert Jackson (M)District 8- None – Melissa Mark Viverito (M)District 9- None – Inez Dickens (M)District 10-Ydanis Rodriguez – Miguel Martinez (BX)District 11- None – Oliver Koppell (BX)District 12- Jerome Rice – Larry Seabrook (BX)District 13- None – James Vacca (BX)District 14-Fernando Cabrera – Maria Baez (BX)District 15- None – Joel Rivera (BX)District 16-Daryl Johnson – Helen Foster (BX)District 17- None – Maria del Carmen Arroyo (BX)District 18- Annabel Palma – Annabel Palma (Q)District 19- Steve Behar – Open (Q)District 20- None – Open (Q)District 21- None – Julissa Ferreras (Q)District 22- None – Peter Vallone Jr. (Q)District 23- None – Open – (Q)District 24- None – James Gennaro (Q)District 25- Daniel Dromm – Helen Sears (Q)District 26- None – Open (Q)District 27- Clyde Vanel – Leroy Comrie (Q)District 28- None – Thomas White Jr. (Q)District 29- Mel Gagarin – Open (Q)District 30- None – Elizabeth Crowley (Q)District 31- Marquez Claxton – James Sanders (Q)District 32- None – Eric Ulrich (BK)District 33-Jo Anne Simon – Open (BK)District 34-Gerry Esposito – Diana Reyna (BK)District 35- Letitia James – Letitia James (BK)District 36- Mark Winston Griffith – Al Vann (BK)District 37- None – Erik Dilan (BK)District 38- None – Sara Gonzalez (BK)District 39- Josh Skaller – Open (BK)District 40- Rock Hackshaw – Mathieu Eugene (BK)District 41- Tulani Kinkaid – Darlene Mealy (BK)District 42- None – Charles Barron (BK)District 43- None – Vincent Gentile (BK)District 44- None – Simcha Felder (BK)District 45- Rodrick F. Daley – Kendall Stewart (BK)District 46- None – Lewis Fidler (BK)District 47- None – Domenic Recchia, Jr. (BK)District 48- None – Michael Nelson (SI)District 49- None – Kenneth Mitchell (SI)District 50- None – James Oddo (SI)District 51- None – Vincent Ignizio



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