Posted by: vote4claxton | January 19, 2009


Teenage Brooklyn Girl Shot, Killed After Party


A 17-year-old honor student and aspiring model was shot in the face and killed at a dance party.

The parents of Nyasia Pryear are beside themselves with grief after their daughter was shot and killed.

“She was a loving child,” mother Jennifer Pryear said. “I just need y’all to just turn yourself in.

“Why you gotta do this to my baby? She didn’t deserve it,” Jennifer continued. “She didn’t mean to hurt nobody. She was out trying to have a good time, and they killed her like a dog.”

Nyasia Pryear was accidentally caught in gunfire, according to police, at the Elks Lodge in Bedford-Stuyvesant after attending a dance party with friends.

Dozens of Nyasia’s relatives and friends rushed to her family home in east New York after hearing she’d died after being shot in the face.

“I shouldn’t be standing here talking about the death of my child – I should be here standing about her accomplishments, not the fact that she’s not here.” Father Alberto Yard said. “I can’t understand this. She wanted to be a journalist.”

The budding reporter was a senior on partial scholarship at Nazareth Regional High School.

“You picked the wrong child to shoot,” community advocate Anthony Herbert says. “You stepped in and you shot a child an innocent child from our community, and you will be apprehended.”

Kahime Abrams heard the shooting and witnessed the aftermath.

“This [violence] has been going on for a while in this area,” Abrams says. “You know, I’m just hoping that this stops.”

That was our child, and there will be penalty for killing our child,” Marq Claxton, of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement, said.

100 Blacks in Law Enforcement is offering $1,000 for tips that help solve this crime. Police say there was surveillance video, and there are strong leads.

Two other people were injured in the violence. They were treated for minor graze wounds.


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