Posted by: vote4claxton | November 30, 2008



 Neither Bloomberg Nor Sanders – Ever!
We know that Mayor Michael Bloomberg thinks that he is the only one who can govern New York City, given the present economic crisis. The mayor has told us so. We also know from insiders that Bloomberg coerced, bribed and threatened a majority of 29 City Council members to vote to steal democracy. What we don’t know is what City Councilman James Sanders Jr., who represents Rockaway, got out of his “yes” vote on the contentious issue. We are sure that Sanders will spin his vote by saying that he did it for his district. We do not believe that for a moment. His vote, and that of the 28 others who joined him in giving themselves a shot at another four years despite the electorate’s vote – twice – that city officials should be limited to two four-year terms, is nothing more than a self-serving slap in the face to Rockaway voters. For that reason, we can now state unequivocally that The Wave will not support the reelection bid of either Bloomberg or Sanders. They have proven that they are not respective enough of the public trust to ever represent us again.


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