Posted by: vote4claxton | August 8, 2008

FAMILY DAY EVENT – far rockaway Aug. 2, 2008

Phyllies Intruders’ Highlight Annual Family Day

The event, which started four years ago as a reunion for Eddie Jackson and his family, has grown into an annual get-together for local residents.

Throughout the thunderstorm that hit last Saturday afternoon, a celebration of gospel continued during the first part of the 4th Annual Family Day Event in O’Donohue Park. Once the storm clouds passed and the sun came out, the music of local guest artists, the Phyllies Intruders, drew area residents to the event sponsored by Eddie Jackson and his family, E.A.J. Entertainment and the newly formed Operation GiveBack.

Some of those who performed during the afternoon were host Wyatt, The One Man Riot; “Blas√©” Michael Lizzmore; and Black Rob, the newest member of Rockaway’s Rhyte Hitters.

Singer Lady Charles; the Phyllies Intruders; candidate for city council, Marq Claxton; and DJ Larry Love join Eddie Jackson, second from left, of Operation GiveBack and E.A.J. Entertainment.

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