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John White Calls For Arrest Of Cicciaro

Father Of Killed Teen Seemed To Threaten White’s Own Son

PORT JEFFERSON, N.Y. (CBS) ― A Long Island man convicted of shooting a teenager to death is free on bail. And 12 hours after being released, convicted shooter John White and his family marched with ‘100 Blacks In Law Enforcement.’ He’s seeking the arrest of the father of the teenage boy he shot and killed outside his home.

It was Daniel Cicciaro Sr.’s incendiary comments moments after learning a gunman would face no more than four years in prison for killing his teenage son that has sparked further investigations into threats made towards John White and his family. But the story doesn’t end there.

“We’re demanding the laws be upheld by the police department and the district attorney’s office. So we want an arrest and we want it right now,” said Marquez Claxton, a member of ‘100 Blacks In Law Enforcement.’

The Whites, along with their attorneys and minister, publicly challenged the Southampton Town Police, whose jurisdiction covers the court where the implied threats were made.

“The investigation is still going on at this juncture. And it is being taken very seriously,” said Detective Sgt. Randy Hintze.

White, who shot and killed Daniel Cicciaro Jr. is appealing his manslaughter conviction and says he continues to feel threatened.

“There’s been a constant stream of threats against my family since the whole thing started,” White said. “Whether it be on the Internet, whether it be on the street, whether it be out in public, there’s always been constant threats,” White said.

The latest threat came Wednesday after he was sentenced to two-to-four years in prison. The victim’s father seemed to threaten White’s own teenage son.

“We’ll see what happens when Aaron White is shot,” a heated Daniel Cicciaro said.

On Friday, at the body shop he owns and where his murdered son worked, Daniel Cicciaro Sr. told CBS 2’s Jennifer McLogan there was no threat, and his comments were made hypothetically speaking, fueled by anger at the judge for a lenient sentence.

“What are they going to arrest me for? For expressing my opinion? Because I was angry at the judge? What is the crime,” Cicciaro asked.

Meantime police have sent squad cars to protect and maintain the peace at the White’s residence. They’ve also sent authorities to the Cicciaro’s, where threats against them have also been reported. Their next-door neighbor’s property was attacked in the middle of the night, to which hate crime units responded.

“We don’t know the White family, we barely know Mr. Cicciaro and his family. We are here to live in peace,” said neighbor Karen Huston.

Mourning the loss of his son, Cicciaro is wondering how such remarks can get him arrested. He has expressed a loss of belief in the system that he says has now targeted him and his family.

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