Posted by: vote4claxton | February 3, 2008

“100 BLACKS IN LAW ENFORCEMENT WHO CARE” endorses Barack Obama for President

Law Enforcement Associations Endorse Barack Obama for President

Police, Fire, Corrections and Law Enforcement Associations Endorse Barack Obama for President
NEW YORK, (NY) — Building on the growing support, enthusiasm and momentum for Barack Obama in New York and across the country, 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care, the Vulcan Society, the National Latino Officers Association, CWA 1182-representing traffic and sanitation enforcement officers announced they have joined the Corrections Officers Benevolent Association in support of Barack Obama for President.

From the streets of the South Side of Chicago to the United States Senate, Barack Obama has been a crusader for equal rights and an end to racial profiling, while at the same time strongly supporting law enforcement,” and said Marq Claxton, co-founder of The 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement Who Care. “He is the candidate that will balance the needs of law enforcement and maintain our liberties–liberties that are violated too often.”


“Our association’s mission is to create tolerance and understanding in law enforcement organizations and build strong bonds between law enforcement and the community. Barack Obama’s message of inclusion, ending racial and gender boundaries in the work place and providing opportunity makes him precisely the candidate we have been waiting for, ” said Anthony Miranda, Executive Chairman of the National Latinos Officer Association of America. “We are urging our membership, and anyone who believes we can eliminate the wedges used to divide us, to join the movement and support Senator Obama.”

“Throughout his life, Barack Obama has been a strong, consistent fighter for basic justice and change we can believe in,” said John Coombs, President of the Vulcan Society, which represents African-American firefighters. “He will be a President who will galvanize people in common causes to make health care more affordable, improve our schools and transform our country. We are committed to working as hard as we can to get Barack Obama elected President.”
February 3, 2008
Contact: Richard Fife 917-617-4188, Marc La Vorgna 973-452-4938


Barack Obama for President Video

Marc La Vorgna
Obama for America
New York State
139 Fulton Street, Suite 508
New York, NY


(212) 732-2008 (office)


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