Posted by: vote4claxton | January 17, 2007


01/17/2007 10:08 AM

By: NY1 News

Prosecutors called Correction officers and Rikers Island prison inmates to the stand Wednesday in an effort to show convicted cop killer Ronell Wilson is a gang member with a history of violence in prison.

Wilson was convicted last month of shooting Detective James Nemorin and his partner Detective Rodney Andrews during a 2003 gun buy-and-bust operation gone wrong on Staten Island.

A jury in Brooklyn Federal Court is charged with deciding whether Wilson should face capital punishment, or spend the rest of his life in prison for the murders.

Prosecutors say Wilson is a remorseless killer who deserves the death penalty. Nemorin’s wife is expected to take the stand Thursday. Prosecutors also plan to play a tape of Nemorin expressing his fear of being killed while on duty.

Pointing to a troubled childhood, defense attorneys argue Wilson, who might take the stand in his own defense, does not deserve to die.

No matter what the sentence, friends hope the victims’ families can find closure.

“This is really a tragic story on so many different levels, but our most important concern is the affect it has on the families and especially the children,” said Marquez Claxton of 100 Blacks in Law Enforcement. “This is a permanent loss in their lives and whatever it is brings them to closure and peace, we hope they get it.”


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